Department of Pharmacy MIT (DPMIT) has over 60 Corei5 / Corei3/ Core 2 Dual computers arranged in two separate labs i.e. Computer lab & Language lab for students

COMPUTER LAB has high end configuration computers outfitted with advanced software and broadband internet connectivity through a dedicated leased line of 32 MBPS with optical fibre backbone. The laboratory is meant for learning and conducting practical as per the syllabus. DPMIT computer center is well equipped with latest Hardware and Software Technology, latest server and HP Work Stations. All labs in the Institute are on LAN and WiFi. All campuses are WiFi enabled.

LANGUAGE LAB is an audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language learning techniques. The language labs allow teachers to monitor, control, deliver group, display, review and collect, audio, video and web based multimedia content. The student player is linked to the teacher console and can play audio, video and web based formats to make easy understanding of basic concepts.